Dewci Box is a luxury high end sophisticated Adult gift box aimed towards everyone over the age of 18 with busy couples in mind, Our team here at Dewci know how busy lifestyles, work commitments, & children, all contribute towards less time being spent with your partner, so we have liaised with some of the biggest brands within the industry to offer a little extra quality time for you.

Dewci Box will comprise of high end luxury treats and accessories from Blindfolds, Lubricants, Stimulators, Bullets, Chocolates, Wine, Bubbles, Massage Oil, Bath Oil,  Candles, Lipstick, Nail Polish and Drinks to name just a few to get you primed, pampered and ready for some well deserved intimacy

Whether you are completely new to adult gift boxes these are so easy in that they arrive direct to your door for you to trial and test each product before heading off to make a repeat purchase. Dewci Box has been created with busy lifestyles in mind, so whether you are too busy to shop,  new to these types of products, too shy to shop in store, not got an idea what to shop for, want to try something new but embarrassed, haven’t the time to shop or generally just like new surprises each time youorder to tantalise and excite you, this could be your treat where you can cross everything else out of your diary, close the curtains, lock the door and just have that special time for you

Maybe you are a married couple looking to add an extra sparkle, maybe the children have been in the way too long and you need an attraction to set you back on track Dewci Box has it all to get you back in the mood, making you look and feel great.


DewciBox is a premium UK “ADULT” gift box. Our enthusiastic customers receive a hand picked variety of the best known brands of adult accessories available for them to trial and test in the comfort of their own home or wherever they please.

At DewciBox our aim is to embrace the needs of our customers and assist them in putting their inhibitions to one side and experience something new by trialling your new or existing product and where required providing valuable feedback. This will allow brands to obtain measurable results through market research feedback along with a host of brand service options, so they can engage directly with their target customer base. Whether you are looking to launch your own brand, or want to refresh an existing product line, promoting your brand with DEWCIBOX is the perfect solution in today’s competitive market place. Please feel free to get in touch with our Dewcibox team and we will be more than happy to discuss what options are available.